83.Jack Jacovou(non-registered)
Always love your work Sandi and love the way you push yourself tackling new subjects
82.Tamara Vredenburg(non-registered)
Love your photographs Sandra!
I checked them out with a cup of tea like you told me to, amazed by your work.
Keep up the good work.
Best regards,
Tamara, your flight attendant:)
81.tracey howland.(non-registered)
Hello Sandra its Tracey from the eating place in Darlington. your pictures are lovely, i especially like scenery ones with a loan boat on. thank you for your support with the cafe, hope your enjoying the new car.
80.Joan De Freece(non-registered)
Your pics are beautiful Sandra...I recognize a lot in Shipley especially. ..I was born there :)
79.Robert Dickinson(non-registered)
Love your photos Sandi, really good especially your ones of Yorkshire Dales :) keep em coming :)
78.Heather Glenton(non-registered)
I met Sandra just yesterday and what an inspiration!! Amazing photographs with truly stunning attention to detail! Not only that, but a lovely and very kind lady!
Hi Sandra, I am hoping the work continues to go well and your ideas are flowing.

Keep it up, explore your horizons and don't be afraid to break the rules.
75.Shaila Hamid(non-registered)
Discovered this fantastic collection of images when handed a card by the photographer herself and must say the landscapes are particularly stunning. A diverse collection of photographs that are visually stunning in their own rights. Thank you for sharing the images with us.
74.Matthew Burniston(non-registered)
Once again stunning work highest priases for Sandra's work if you are looking for that perfect gift for that special someone or your self then this is the right place.
We met today at the Sunken garden in Mirfield. I enjoyed our exchange of ideas and loved looking at your website and photos. Thanks
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