My Daily Photo Blog! Day 6. 18.7.14 - Blue Mist!

July 16, 2014  •  10 Comments

Day 6, Blue Mist, 18.7.14Day 6, Blue Mist, 18.7.14

Hi, and welcome to day 6 (18.7.14) of my new photo-blog project.

Today has been very hazy and quite misty. What I call a "claggy" day, where you feel a blanket of damp mist surrounding you.  Quite a suppressing feeling, and when it happens, I can sense, or feel, (or call it anything else you like!) the presence of a thunder storm brewing.  I took this one at around 21.30pm, just before the light started fading.  The sky was very flat, and quite boring, but funnily enough it was a blanket of blue.  Maybe it was something to do with nightfall approaching...

Looking forward to tomorrow's blog, as, according to the weather man it's going to be a scorcher of a sunshiney, hot hot day.  Methinks that will be quite a challenge - Harsh Summer sun is always a challenge, and one that I rise to, every time!

TTFN peeps, hope you've enjoyed today's experience!

Best wishes




Day 5 Blog. 17.7.14 HDRDay 5 Blog. 17.7.14 HDR


Welcome to day 5 of my daily photo-blog!

Many apologies for the delay, but this is the third time I've uploaded and typed this blog, and now getting rather fed up! And of course tired!  I decided to do an early evening shot for today, so went to "The" spot, got the tripod set up, took the shot, then the troubles began!  Anyways, I also decided to bracket, as the "cloudage" seemed pleasing, and would be well suited for the technique. I do understand that HDR is a "Marmite" thing - a love/hate relationship!

Hope you enjoy this HDR experience!






Day 4. 16.7.14Day 4. 16.7.14

Day 4 of this new blog, and welcome!  

I'm not much of a sleeper these days, as life is very hectic and busy with the launch of my new exhibition coming soon, (now that's another story!) so working and prepping these days takes me into the wee small hours of a morning.  I needed a break, and seeing as the crack of dawn was imminent, I went to the bottom of the garden, again, with camera and tripod in hand (and one or two other bits and bobs), in the pitch black darkness, and set up my tripod, and waited.... And waited... And waited for the right moment in which to take my long exposure of the pre-dawn.  Took the one shot, had a quick check, and was nicely surprised to see the above picture on the back of the camera.

I love night time photography, and the subsequent long exposures, so I'm in my element when something like this appears, that I have exposed for, and for once, got it how I wanted, first time!

The twinkling of lights you can see, are that of a quaint, beautiful hamlet of Swaledale, called Low Row.  From where I stand, Low Row is the nearest place of civilisation, and the only place that I can see that has street lights.... All six of them!

Another quiet, tranquil, and peaceful scene, of the Swaledale valley.....



Day 3. 15.7.14Day 3. 15.7.14



Hi!  Welcome to day 3 of my photo blog!  Phew! Just in time?!

Golden hour, taken at 3.55am this morning. 15.7.14. - Don't know about you, but there's nothing quite like "The Golden Hour", especially in the Summer season.  To see the unusual vibrance of naturally enhanced warm tones, really is a sight to be hold.  I somehow knew, when I set my alarm last night what I wanted from today's shot!  Yes, this lovely time of the morning, the golden hour!





Very misty and foggy down in the Swaledale valley today.  Very atmospheric.  I have deliberately not converted this to a monochrome, as I am wanting to keep all these Blog images in colour......  A couple of showers this afternoon, and the plants and flowers are now replenished and restored.  A welcome drink for them.


I have decided to "do" a daily photograph, but not a 365 project.  Let me explain!  I will be standing in the same spot, and take a photograph of what's in front of me, and it will always be in the "portrait" orientation.  It will be the same vista, but every photo will be different.  It will be taken at different times of the day, different seasons etc, and come rain, hail, snow, or sunshine I will always be standing in the same spot, and always facing the same direction.

The scene I have chosen, is one of the view, down in to Swaledale valley, The Dales National Park, N Yorks, taken from the bottom of the garden.

I hope you will enjoy my journey, and after some weeks, I think it will be nice to see all the differences of each photo, but with the same scene.

I really am looking forward to this journey!  My journey won't be the same, (as mentioned previously) as a 365 project, as I know that some days, I will not be in a position to upload on a daily basis, although the photo will still be taken daily.




WOW! Your day 4 image is a stunner! The sky is amazing. To see the colours casting on to the landscape bringing out the many shades of green and blues are simply beautiful. I can already see how your project will show us just how much of a kaleidoscope of colours will occur over the year.
Robert Gipson(non-registered)
Fantastic images as usual from you Sandra. Keep them coming.
Matthew Burniston(non-registered)
Stunning work Sandra
Sandra Cockayne Photography
Thank you ever so much Roger, it is always a pleasure reading your great comments ♥ ......

Take care Roger,


Sandi ;) :)
Roger Butler(non-registered)
Love it ! As I said before Sandi, cracking idea ! Only thing that concerns me is the bush in the centre botton which looks as though its going to run off ! Sure its a little man in a camouflage suit !! Lol ;)
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